Our machine fleet, made by several vertical lathes, allows the turning of rings and flanges with a diameter up to 6,000 mm and with a maximum workable height of 4,000 mm.

In the milling department we are able to work on parts with a maximum length of 12,000 mm and a maximum height of 4,500 mm.

We have been chosen as partner for the construction of composed structures made by forged parts installed on the bulkheads of the new Panama Canal, a job that we successfully concluded both in terms of quality and lead-time. Beyond the supply of large machined items, obtained from forging processes in 42CrMo4 QT steel, the project included the assembly and welding processes scrupulously examined with non-destructive tests such as UT, PT and. MT. Thanks to the competence of our internal team and to the collaboration with the Italian Institute of Welding we have guaranteed the highest quality in every single phase of the project.

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