Welcome To Officine Dal Zotto

Our company was founded in the spring of 1974, from the will of Cav. Lino Dal Zotto.

Lino, after an experience of fifteen years in an important German company, wanted to put his experience in precision machining at your disposal, founding Officine Dal Zotto, which has grown over the years thanks to his passion and dedication.

In 1990 the three sons Oscar, Roberto and Luca joined the company; each one with different skills, they have succeeded in creating a new corporate structure, improving and diversifying the services and products offered up to that point, leading us to be a company that deals not only with third party jobs. Today, as Officine Dal Zotto, we can offer many types of products obtained from the rolling, forging and hot stamping of carbon steels, alloy steels, stainless steel, super alloys and aluminum, completely finished with machining such as turning, drilling, milling, grinding and surface treatments.

Passion and commitment by all of us, working in Production Dept., scrupulously following Quality of what we produce, dealing with Research and Development or supporting you in Sales Dept., have led us to partner with important national and international companies, which have chosen us most of all for our attention to technological innovation and for our attitude to well understand the needs of a constantly changing market.

Who Is Officine Dal Zotto

Our founder, Cav. Lino Dal Zotto, wrote a short biography; we want to share with you some passages mainly related to the beginnings of his work, to remind everyone of the atmosphere that was breathed at the time, 45 years ago.

“… the desire to start my own business was growing fast in me, so much so that I started working at home equipping the garage, making it a small workshop, with the tools needed to do many different jobs.”

“This has been my life for sixteen hours a day for fifteen years.

“The sons were still young, but after school they came to help me; Oscar was ten and Roberto eight, later also Luca joined the company; since they were little, at weekends, I gave everyone a tip. (…) on Sunday morning, when I went to the factory to do some maintenance works, I caught the Jeep, took them with me and they were so happy to help me, getting more and more passionate about work. But there was not only work: Sunday afternoon was dedicated to the family and all together we did some nice car rides ”.
“In 1984 I got the Knighthood of Merit of the Republic conferred by President Sandro Pertini and I also received a diploma signed by the then Prime Minister Bettino Craxi.

For someone like me, who started out from a poor childhood and emigration abroad, to see recognized the commitment for an honest and hard-working life has been an important personal gratification, which I also consider a recognition for having created some working places, offered from my business to local employment, so that, with the help of everyone, no one of our young people in the future is forced to take the emigrant’s suitcase again.

“Credits: “Da Emigrante a Imprenditore” (2018)

If you had to ask us what sets us apart and what identifies us best, we would answer you as follows:

  • Quality, intended as attention and aspiration to always do better in the production and in the services we have developed; since we were born we try to do it day after day.
  • Precision, concentration on the smallest production detail but also on organizational aspects, an attitude confirmed by many.
  • Services, over the years we have become more and more specialized, changing a lot compared to the company born in 1974, driven by curiosity and by research of innovation.

We really care about environment we live in, about territory that surrounds us and that welcomes our company. We are committed to respect the requirements given by Italian Law, on safety, prevention and training of our team, to make our work as safe as possible. On the other hand we think that “human capital” is the real engine of the company on which it’s necessary to invest to share the goals we reach.

Our Main KPI (2019)

OTD – On Time Delivery 85%
Conformities / Total orders 98%
Positive Feedback 93%

Board Of Directors

Oscar Dal Zotto
Oscar Dal ZottoChief Executive Officer
Roberto Dal Zotto
Roberto Dal ZottoChief Technical Officer
Luca Dal Zotto
Luca Dal ZottoChief Production Officer