3D Inspection

We have available a Metrologic Lab exclusively dedicated to Quality Controls.

Set up in a second plant, independent from the one in which mechanical processing is carried out, the Lab guarantees a high precision quality control, especially for the Aerospace sector, in absence of vibrations, dust and other agents that could compromise the maximum efficiency of the tests we aspire to .

All checks are done in an environment with controlled temperature and humidity. We can provide detailed reports based on your requests.

All NDT are made by qualified personnel in accordance with the most recent regulations, with the issue of the relative certificate.


Gantry Coordinate Measuring Machine with point-to-point or continuous scanning, dedicated to the measurement of medium and large size workpieces.

Circular items max dimensions: Ø2100 x 1200 h mm
Rectangular items max dimensions: 2100 x 4000 x 1200 h mm

Workpiece max weight: 4500 kg

Measurement range (mm)
Axis X: 1500 Axis Y: 2500 Axis Z: 1200


With the measurement bench and control “Horizon Premium” we can guarantee stability and vibration damping present in all environmental conditions in which the instrument has to normally operate.

Max longitud. X: 3000 mm
Max allowed error: 0.5 + L (mm)/1000 µm
Measurement precision: 0.0001
Repeatability: 2 s