Project Description

Category: Lifting & Handling
Description: The Stand Bases
Materials: Stainless steel

The Stand Bases are support and movement trolleys. These workbenches restrict the structural casings at work height of the containment chambers of the satellites and the control system of the VEGA and ARIANE vectors, for completion with the acquisition and control system of instrumentation measurements on board. The end of this step sees the satellites implemented which will then be brought in orbit. All this work is carried out in the Clean Room.

Each type of Stand Base is composed of a base frame with a mobile lattice structure, with a series of small stabilisation and levelling feet and an upper flange to interface with and support the work item.

To meet the work requirements in the Clean Room environment, every detail of the frames is cared for, from the choice of materials to the finishing treatments and surface protection, up to the adhesive graphic providing indications and instructions for the operator, created directly with a machine tool or through laser incision on the parts of the structure.

The structural framework is manufactured in stainless steel, subjected to a micro shot peening cycle, pickling in acid and washing and subsequent passivation; the upper flanges can be in Aluminium Alloy, and are therefore treated with a micro shot peening and chemical nickel-plating process, or in carbon steel and treated with a micro-sanding and chemical nickel-plating or electrolyte galvanising process. The commercial parts are also in stainless steel. The trapezoidal lead screws of the parking feet are manufactured in drylin®, while the adjustable feet normally have a self-levelling base head coated in Teflon. Wheels are used with a rotating support in electro-welded steel with ‘stop-top’ locking, for high capacities with Blickle Extrathane® polyurethane coating, an aluminium core, non-marking and when necessary in an anti-static version, equipped with a directional lock and foot guard (support protected with galvanic zinc coating).

The Stand Bases, according to requirements, can be equipped with a treadable internal technical platform, integrated in the structure, with a usable floor surface in rice grain aluminium sheeting.

The Stand Bases are supplied with CE marking in compliance with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, with a technical file (Design, Structural Testing, Control file during the production phase, Inspection test report, Use and maintenance manual) and APAVE CMP Italy certification.